Baby Lips By Maybelline New York (Review)

The first time I saw the add campaign in the US issue of Seventeen, I knew it that I wanted it. Not only did the name attract me towards it but the whole packaging, the availability of colors, the overall ‘cuteness’ and obviously the rhyming  tagline, ‘It’s more than care. It’s repair’ just made me want it more and more. It hadn’t released in India at that point of time so I told my dad to get it ASAP (I actually meant it).
Once I got it, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I don’t know about 8 hours but that little thing can moisturize lips the best. Be it chapped lips or a dry cut that thing works.

Baby Lips by Maybelline insures ‘baby soft’ lips to its user and guess what it actually gives in return — baby soft lips plus a sweet dash of color. Want one of the best lip balms under 200 rupees go for this one. With a good range of colors and an ‘after – softness’, this balm is surely heaven sent and guess what, it doesn’t even dry up or finish that easily. Honestly, I overuse my lip balm and it just does not finish; it keeps my lips soft and moisturized all the time, yes even after drinks my lips are the same. On all those days I dont feel like putting  lipstick, I swear with Baby lips by MNY as the colored ones actually have a nice glossy feel to them.

The best 150 bucks ever spent on lipcare — Baby Lips by Maybelline New York.
As MNY surely knows how to keep it’s promise.

Cant wait for Baby Lips Electro.

A MNY lover


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