Natural Recharge By Sunsilk (Review)

Coming home to a surprise box addressed to you brings out that innocent toddler in you; breaking through the packaging like your world depends on it and then when you see it, you are left awestruck with the soothing calmness of the curiosity which had build up in the past two minutes, yes accomplishment of brown bits around you.

The transparent cuboid gave me hope, that maybe my writing can actually take me somewhere in the near future.

Getting back to the goodies gifted by our good old Sunsilk. Yes, finally a shampoo which prevents an army of hair strands on my towel.
Little did I know what a ‘hair recharge’ would mean, little did I know what Ginseng is, little did I know how soft my hair could feel in cruel Delhi winter, little did I know that I could fall in love with Sunsilk all over again.

With the unique tagline ‘Natural Recharge’ Sunsilk surely justifies it; after all it’s a chemical shampoo, how in the world can it be natural, but oh dear the irony got to me this time.

Not only does it leave me with clean and super soft locks it’s sweet lingering fragrance keeps me energized throughout the day. The daily tiresome lifestyles we monotonously breeze through with, literally kill our hair, especially long hair. The dead ends, the rotten color fading , the brittle cacophony and the fearsome hair fall due to root damage. A little dollop is enough for waist long hair (now that is user friendly stuff)  and the conditioner well I am pretty much out of words to describe that organic yet wild aroma it filled my shower with but anyways it works like any other ‘over-hyped’ or ‘over-priced’ conditioner in the market today, so why not enjoy the ecstasy filled fragrance and naturally bouncy hair instead.
Till date my favorite Sunsilk product was ‘the yellow Sunsilk’, I fell in love with it back in 2007 (coming from a girl who has practically experimented with all shampoos in the market today that means something)  but this Ginseng baby grabbed its spot in my heart, indeed Sunsilk’s best product till date. As a matter of fact I have already started recommending it to my ‘dull haired’ friends.

It’s worth the wait!

*Dear Sunsilk you don’t need a star to endorse this one, it’s a superstar on its own.

Thank you for the love!


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