Jumbling Retro With OGO

They spoke about an era that had passed, they spoke about a time that had gone by yet they spoke about a time so close to our hearts today that binds us to this silly jumble of memories still present today.
As spring bids farewell to the warm Delhi hearts, it leaves us with a grasp of the summer shine.

Remembering the retro ages with a dash of modern color pop, the rounded frame and the heated aura makes every fashionista go oooh! Lala.







The pretty little shades came to me as a birthday gift from OGO, couldn’t resist pairing them up with my favorite pink shorts and a Chikankari kurta, yet again stolen from Mom’s wardrobe.

Jumbling the whole indie fusion look with the sharp androgynous momentum of the fashion escapades, paired it with pointed leather loafers.


Retro Pink Shades – OGO
Chikankari Kurta – Mom’s Wardrobe
Pink Summer Shorts – Only
Pointed Loafers – Forever 21

The rosy hue got her heart racing, the shimmering glitter made her heart skip and the rounded vision made her heart blush. 



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