Healthy Summer Munchkins

Such a great metamorphosis of flavor and joy, such a bounded pleasure of health and delight & such a wonderful experience of nature’s shine with a bountiful of surprise.

With summer’s wishful love galloping into our lives, natural flavors win over the arch enemies of our summer bodies. Hunger pangs keep kicking in and quenching thirst drives you cray, it’s time to switch over to the healthy munchies way.

Tea Trunk’s Long Island Green Tea, is surely one of the best blends of green tea I have tasted lately. It’s the perfect pre-workout drink for me.
The delicious flavor lingers on as I keep reminiscing each sip, the secret fat burner has become an essential part of my daily routine.


Sipping a yummy iced tea, 
makes one hold the cup momentarily. 
Sipping a healthy green tea,
makes one cherish the flavor  for eternity

Every couple has two major players, a drink and a snack which makes your heart go crazy. All Good Taste’s Le Chocolat’s lovely flavors of chocolate, walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds have made them not only mine but my family’s favorite healthy snack bar. They leave you filled up and satisfied with the happiness of taste and  organic components.

The granola bars act as perfect post workout snacks as well!

A crunchy little time, 
forms the accolade of flavor. 
A munchy little time,
forms the accolade of well being.

The palate of greatness, the palate of deliciousness and the palate of perfect fruitiness.
Snackible’s Fruit Medley is a great dry-fruit mixture. A perfect blend of kiwi, mango, apple, papaya and pineapple it’s a great palm sized wallow of a fibrous snack.

My hunger pangs literally fly away with a dose of this palatable wholesomeness!


A virtue of indigenous taste buds teamed into one, a galore of  scrumptious delights all over the country and a tribute to the real Place Of Origin!



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