I was asked to…

I was asked to text back.
But my nails needed some filing.

The Quirky Dey


Natural Recharge By Sunsilk (Review)

Coming home to a surprise box addressed to you brings out that innocent toddler in you; breaking through the packaging like your world depends on it and then when you see it, you are left awestruck with the soothing calmness of the curiosity which had build up in the past two minutes, yes accomplishment of brown bits around you.

The transparent cuboid gave me hope, that maybe my writing can actually take me somewhere in the near future.

Getting back to the goodies gifted by our good old Sunsilk. Yes, finally a shampoo which prevents an army of hair strands on my towel.
Little did I know what a ‘hair recharge’ would mean, little did I know what Ginseng is, little did I know how soft my hair could feel in cruel Delhi winter, little did I know that I could fall in love with Sunsilk all over again.

With the unique tagline ‘Natural Recharge’ Sunsilk surely justifies it; after all it’s a chemical shampoo, how in the world can it be natural, but oh dear the irony got to me this time.

Not only does it leave me with clean and super soft locks it’s sweet lingering fragrance keeps me energized throughout the day. The daily tiresome lifestyles we monotonously breeze through with, literally kill our hair, especially long hair. The dead ends, the rotten color fading , the brittle cacophony and the fearsome hair fall due to root damage. A little dollop is enough for waist long hair (now that is user friendly stuff)  and the conditioner well I am pretty much out of words to describe that organic yet wild aroma it filled my shower with but anyways it works like any other ‘over-hyped’ or ‘over-priced’ conditioner in the market today, so why not enjoy the ecstasy filled fragrance and naturally bouncy hair instead.
Till date my favorite Sunsilk product was ‘the yellow Sunsilk’, I fell in love with it back in 2007 (coming from a girl who has practically experimented with all shampoos in the market today that means something)  but this Ginseng baby grabbed its spot in my heart, indeed Sunsilk’s best product till date. As a matter of fact I have already started recommending it to my ‘dull haired’ friends.

It’s worth the wait!

*Dear Sunsilk you don’t need a star to endorse this one, it’s a superstar on its own.

Thank you for the love!

Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Gel by Oriflame (Review)


Be it the amazing fragrance it leaves you mesmerized with or the supple skin you would want to touch over and over again, this petite bottle of gel will leave you with the happiest skin.

Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Wash & Tone Gel

A blessing for people like ‘tricky’ skin like me, a party trick for over timers and an angel for every acne prone face out there.
The 2-in-1 toner and gel leaves you with a clear, toned and soft face after every use.
These days its really difficult to find gels/toners/washes which actually work as they say; from acne to complexion issues, be it anything. With this product Oriflame really took my heart away.
I have a lot of skin issues especially my face skin. Dryness, blemishes, acne and excessive oiliness at times to name a few. Dealing with the Delhi pollution everyday, I give my facial skin a really hard time; dust, wind, rain water and the hard water of the city, they literally kill this Bengali’s skin everyday.

I am a true product experimenter, I have tried a lot and here I mean A LOT of products for skin care and was never really satisfied but this time I was left awestruck from the first use it self. Being a person with sensitive skin ain’t easy and my hectic schedule surely doesn’t give me time for elaborate skin treatments or any other kind of ‘skin love’.
(Well c’mon I am 18 years old why in the world should I have to waste these precious teen years sitting in skin care centers, I need products which will do all that witchcraft at home and freaking quick)

A little dollop and a gentle massage on my face leaves me with a glowing face every morning. The product has such grace that a silly head like me forgets if I had even applied my face cream or not, yes that supple, that soft and that amazing. The enchanting fragrance, the tea tree and rosemary actually make it enchanting (so I am not even exaggerating) makes me want to use it before going to bed so that the lingering aura plays along.

Doesn’t matter if you are an acne prone teenager or an over worked mother this product is amazing and should be gifted all the dues it has earned from this teen blogger who has fallen in love with it.

An Oriflame fan

Some Quirky Facts- 

ImageTea tree oil,  is an essential oil with a fresh camphor like fragrance and a color that ranges from pale yellow to nearly colorless and clear. Tea tree oil should not be confused with tea oil.
Tea tree oil is toxic when taken by mouth, but is widely used in low concentrations in cosmetics and skin washes.

Baby Lips By Maybelline New York (Review)

The first time I saw the add campaign in the US issue of Seventeen, I knew it that I wanted it. Not only did the name attract me towards it but the whole packaging, the availability of colors, the overall ‘cuteness’ and obviously the rhyming  tagline, ‘It’s more than care. It’s repair’ just made me want it more and more. It hadn’t released in India at that point of time so I told my dad to get it ASAP (I actually meant it).
Once I got it, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I don’t know about 8 hours but that little thing can moisturize lips the best. Be it chapped lips or a dry cut that thing works.

Baby Lips by Maybelline insures ‘baby soft’ lips to its user and guess what it actually gives in return — baby soft lips plus a sweet dash of color. Want one of the best lip balms under 200 rupees go for this one. With a good range of colors and an ‘after – softness’, this balm is surely heaven sent and guess what, it doesn’t even dry up or finish that easily. Honestly, I overuse my lip balm and it just does not finish; it keeps my lips soft and moisturized all the time, yes even after drinks my lips are the same. On all those days I dont feel like putting  lipstick, I swear with Baby lips by MNY as the colored ones actually have a nice glossy feel to them.

The best 150 bucks ever spent on lipcare — Baby Lips by Maybelline New York.
As MNY surely knows how to keep it’s promise.

Cant wait for Baby Lips Electro.

A MNY lover


People will stare.
Make it worth their while.

 Harry Winston

Those eyes never stop staring, those conversations never stop breaking, those hearts never stop crushing so why not take an oath to never stop those jaws from dropping.
The diamond genius very finely said the above quote after all isn’t he right about it?
Making statements, slowing traffic and combating social standards when it comes to styling isn’t that’s what fashion is supposed to be about?


My ‘Hairy’ Dream

If only my hair could be colored without damage;
If only my hair could be grown without split ends;
If only my hair could be filled with fragrance throughout the day;
If only my hair could feel bouncy all the time;
If only my hair could get rid of the unnecessary oil;
If only my hair could be smooth without the frizz;
If only I had hair like Rapunzel,
If only my ‘hairy’ dream would come true.

90 percent women today face the same ‘hair’ problems everyday. From heat damage to color damage, from weather damage to genetic damage, from seasonal damage to medicinal damage we all face this nightmare called ‘hair damage’. No matter what we do, what we try, how much be spent (money or time) this problem is just inevitable.

Old secret recipes, essential oils, hair spas, product experiments, what not have we all tried to get those perfect locks. By personal experience, the moment people get to know I am a Bengali, the first reaction I get is, ‘OH! No matter I love your hair, all you eat is fish don’t you?’, well no, if fish was the remedy to amazing hair, I would have had amazing hair, but I don’t. As hair isn’t all about what you eat for it, do with it, try with it or even the way you keep it. All these years have already done too much damage to revert back to or fix.

We all need a ‘hair boost’, a new symphony we can move to, a tribute to the dead cells which add to our beauty and elegance and in the end a recharge to this plain and banal life in which our hair loses its magical aura.

If a burst of melon could make your body tingle then a simple recharge could do so much to your hair, body and soul.
Your hair is who you are and what you want to portray yourself as. It is the first thing a person notices about you, at times it becomes your trademark, your symbol and in the end it becomes you. Be it the color,the style,  the texture or the cut its all about the hair my love.
Embrace and love your hair no matter how it is and treat it like your baby. As Ivana Trump once said, ‘Gorgeous hair is the best revenge’, a woman can’t have a better weapon than her hair; walking down the street with beautiful, lustrous hair and the feeling of it swaying with every step makes every woman envy you and every man fall in love with you. Self confidence starts with your hair so why not give it new life, give it care and love it has been craving for all these years. Why not let it loose and enjoy it’s journey?  Every new hair cut recharges your whole life, every new hair style reforms your personality and every new hair strand adds hope to your life.

Coco Chanel, the lady who made the world spin with her class and elegance, the lady with such panache which was never again attained, the rightful owner of the LBD is herself an example of how a woman’s hair can reform her entire life and make her an icon. The woman who rocked a cropped hair cut for years one said, ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’ and so she did. And so can you.

With immense passion and love for my own hair, I hereby hope that all you beauties out there will start placing your hair as the number one fashion statement maker hereafter because that is what it deserves. Always remember no matter if you have your personal stylist no matter if your shoe cupboard has line up of Jimmy Choo’s and Louboutin’s, in the end your hair is something which you can never hide and its your hair which makes you and is the perfect fashion statement.

At most fashion shows, hair-styling takes more time than make up or dressing up, every wondered why?

The new hair recharge, the new hair trend.