Healthy Summer Munchkins

Such a great metamorphosis of flavor and joy, such a bounded pleasure of health and delight & such a wonderful experience of nature’s shine with a bountiful of surprise.

With summer’s wishful love galloping into our lives, natural flavors win over the arch enemies of our summer bodies. Hunger pangs keep kicking in and quenching thirst drives you cray, it’s time to switch over to the healthy munchies way.

Tea Trunk’s Long Island Green Tea, is surely one of the best blends of green tea I have tasted lately. It’s the perfect pre-workout drink for me.
The delicious flavor lingers on as I keep reminiscing each sip, the secret fat burner has become an essential part of my daily routine.


Sipping a yummy iced tea, 
makes one hold the cup momentarily. 
Sipping a healthy green tea,
makes one cherish the flavor  for eternity

Every couple has two major players, a drink and a snack which makes your heart go crazy. All Good Taste’s Le Chocolat’s lovely flavors of chocolate, walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds have made them not only mine but my family’s favorite healthy snack bar. They leave you filled up and satisfied with the happiness of taste and  organic components.

The granola bars act as perfect post workout snacks as well!

A crunchy little time, 
forms the accolade of flavor. 
A munchy little time,
forms the accolade of well being.

The palate of greatness, the palate of deliciousness and the palate of perfect fruitiness.
Snackible’s Fruit Medley is a great dry-fruit mixture. A perfect blend of kiwi, mango, apple, papaya and pineapple it’s a great palm sized wallow of a fibrous snack.

My hunger pangs literally fly away with a dose of this palatable wholesomeness!


A virtue of indigenous taste buds teamed into one, a galore of  scrumptious delights all over the country and a tribute to the real Place Of Origin!



Kolkata – A Tercet

As the yellow troopers played on, the red associates kept rounding on.
As the edible treasures were feasted on, the candied prose kept rambling on.
As Victoria danced onto the might Park Street her nobility kept revering on.

– Kolkata by Antara Dey

Bachelorette Pad Makeover

Are you single and new in the city?

Here are few tips to create your beautiful small apartment!

Today’s young girls who migrate to new cities for work or studies often feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride in their hearts for being well educated. A comfortable, secure, charming and stylish apartment or dwelling is something which every single girl desires to own. Peaceful and cozy rooms offer positive vibes, freshness and energy to its dwellers.


Most of the modern financially independent single girls wish to have functional and chic bachelorette pads. They want their space to reveal their story. Gorgeous small room decorating items like vases, decorative candles give a sense or romantic flavor to rooms of a small apartment.


A single girl who likes modern and chic style of home décor would like to decorate her small living room with few unique things. She may like to have a cozy leather sofa and a recliner to sink in after a busy day at work. Few designer bean bags can be a stylish addition into such a new age living room. Bright contrasting colors fill up the rooms with energy, while creating an illusion of a bigger and airy small apartment.

These days, both online marketplaces and physical stores are full of amazing home furnishing items in a wide spectrum of colors, design patterns and materials. Single girls who enjoy creating beautiful apartment can buy designer cushion covers and sofa throws online to give a relaxed and stylish feel to their personal sanctuary.

Home décor accessories and home furnishing items are available on online home décor stores at discount prices. Buyers can cash in on monthly or fortnightly home sale offers of these websites to save their precious bucks.

Prep it up girls!

My Dark Paradise

The very fact that I am in love with you makes me believe in love; the very fact that you are not in love with me makes me question my belief.

The Quirky Dey

A lonely soul

That feeling of shattering into multiple pieces yet romancing the tender calmness of self love. It’s a vivid theory of compassion and sadness mixed together; blessed forecasts of joy with thundering teardrops, yes that’s a rather ‘weird’ perspective about loneliness. The unfinished conversations, the left out bets and deals, the terror of not having a shoulder to weep on rather the haunting of the mighty thought of going solo, it all comes down to this. No matter how many times a person is told to be independent and self loving , sometimes we all need another soul to pamper with our sagas. We all need companions, we all need people but sometimes I myself fail to understand why, people don’t last long nor do they stay, all these years of my life have taught me a life essential, ‘people are transient’; yet I am a crazy young heart wanting to hold on, wanting to share my mighty life with another soul.
Dependency is not just about helping hands, its about hoping for someone to share your chocolate with and being sure you won’t be judged for your silliness. Oh! Dear me, what am I asking for this very day, the very day I lost out on all the people I had around me. The feeling is raw like a bamboo pricking my skin and forcing it to bleed out, like a warrior begging for a drop of water on the enemy line, like a craving of undying want of companionship rather friendship. The need to be liked and loved by all, the thirst to speak to all the beings around you and be appreciated for what you really are. It’s a dream these days my love, it’s a midnight summer dream in an air conditioned room, which never comes true.

This is nothing but a mere melancholy of a lonely soul.